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      Lead Safe Homes 1.0 is no longer being updated.
      This database should be used as a historical reference. Check Lead Safe Homes 2.0 for updated information.
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                           Welcome to the Massachusetts Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program’s Lead Safe Homes
                           1.0 database. You can look up the inspection history of a property here. Information may include:

                                  ♦ If a property has even been inspected for lead
                                  ♦ If lead hazards were found upon inspection
                                  ♦ If the property has a letter of compliance

Lead Safe Homes 1.0 does not have copies of inspection reports or compliance letters.    Lead Safe Homes 2.0   may have copies of these documents.

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Search Tips

Begin with a broad search:

               Start with required fields: Town (or City) and Street Name.
               (You can always go back to add more information to narrow the search.)

               Use a wildcard in place of letters. Wildcards can be used before, after, or in the middle of words. This is
               helpful for long or hard to spell street names and addresses that may be abbreviated.

               ♦ Use the percentage sign (%) as the wildcard


                         •     Search Main% instead of Main Street. This will give you all streets that begin with the
                                word Main (Main Ave, Main Rd, Maine St, etc.)

                         •     Instead of searching for West Main Street or W. Main St., search for %Main%

                         •     When looking for Hampton or Hamden, search %Ham%

To watch search tutorials, please visit the Lead Safe Homes landing page.  


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What you need to know

                         ♦ For copies of documents listed in Lead Safe Homes 1.0 that are not in Lead Safe Homes 2.0,  
                         contact the inspector who issued the document.

                         ♦ To find an inspector’s contact information, click here.   If the inspector is not on this list, contact
                         CLPPP at 1-800-532-9571

                         ♦ If you have or think there is a compliance letter or an inspection report for a property that is
                         not listed in either database, please contact CLPPP at 1-800-532-9571

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