Licensed Lead Inspector Search

How to search for a Licensed Lead Inspector

You can search for a licensed lead inspector by:
  • city and/or town,
  • company and/or inspector name, or
  • license number or license type.
If you are just getting started, use this City or Town search to find which inspectors are based out of your town. Be sure to search nearby towns too, as most inspectors serve much larger areas than just one town. Remember that there could be more than one inspector in a city or company. Also, some inspectors may work for themselves and not belong to a company.
If you already have an inspector or company name, use this search. All licensed lead inspectors are included in this list. If an inspector is not employed by any company, the inspector's last name followed by his/her first name appears in the company dropdown list.
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If you already have an inspector's license number, or are looking for a specific type of inspector, then this is the fastest way to search for them. For more information on different types of inspectors visit (link for inspector differences on deleading page). All licensed lead inspectors have a license number.
To make an inspector complaint or find additional information on how to choose a
Licensed Lead Inspectors, please call the
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention at 1 (800) 532-9571.