Voter Registration Overview


The National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) requires the Department to provide voter registration services to all applicants and clients (hereafter referred to as clients).  There are very specific requirements for the Department during the application, reevaluation and recertification process, as well as when clients report a change of address.  Clients may register to vote either at a TAO or by using a mail-in form.  Due to a recent change in state law, clients between the ages of 16 and 18 may pre-register to vote using the Massachusetts Official Mail-In Agency Voter Registration Form and the Massachusetts Official Voter Registration Form.  Staff must offer clients assistance in registering to vote.  Voter registration forms should also be made available to members of the general public who come to the TAO and want to register to vote.

To ensure compliance with the NVRA, all TAOs have pre-assembled voter registration packets available at all locations where client interviews are conducted.  This includes, but is not limited to, case manager desks and interview rooms.  These pre-assembled packets contain the Massachusetts Official Mail-In Agency Voter Registration Form and the Voter Preference Form.  Voter Registration forms are available in Spanish, Chinese and English.  You are instructed to provide these packets at every face-to-face:

If a client states s/he wishes to register or pre-register at the TAO that day, s/he must also be given the Massachusetts Official Voter Registration Form.  Completed Massachusetts Official Voter Registration Forms must be provided to the TAO’s Voter Registration Liaison or designee for mailing.  Staff must offer to assist the client with the completion of either voter registration form (MA Official or MA Mail-In).



The Voter Preference Form does not need to be signed by clients or Department staff or collected by the TAO. 


When a Massachusetts Official Voter Registration Form is completed in the office for registration, it is DTA’s responsibility to forward it to the appropriate local election official within five days of the client’s completion of the form. 

Additionally, when a client who is a grantee is sent through Central Print or Batch Process, a SNAP application informational notice, SNAP recertification form, a SNAP telephonic appointment letter, or a telephonic cash reevaluation appointment letter, and when an address change is made on a case more than 10 days after an application, reevaluation or recertification, the client will receive a:

The client can choose to bring or mail the Massachusetts Official Mail-In Agency Voter Registration Form to his/her city or town hall or may bring it to the TAO for mailing.



Any client who is seen through a home visit for an application, reevaluation and recertification or a change of address must be given the opportunity to register to vote in accordance with the procedures above.



DTA staff must provide each client the same degree of help completing the voter registration forms as is provided by the Department in completion of its own forms, including language assistance, unless the client declines to register to vote or declines the help.



Homeless individuals using the Massachusetts Official Mail-In Agency Voter Registration Form may use the map on the form to indicate the location of where they live, if they cannot provide a conventional address.


DTA staff must not:

The Massachusetts Official Voter Registration Form, the Massachusetts Official Mail-In Agency Voter Registration Form and the Voter Preference Form may be ordered through WebCRD.

The Secretary of the Commonwealth’s Voter Registration Workbook for Agencies was revised in 2016.  The revised version can be found on Policy Online in the Voter Registration Documents link under Voter Registration Resources.


Voter Registration Policy and Procedures



  Last Update:  December 9, 2016