Verifications at Case Maintenance


Verifications are also required when conducting case maintenance to determine if clients remain eligible for benefits. 

SNAP clients are required to report and verify changes in accordance with their reporting type. Simplified Reporters (SIMP-12, SIMP-24, EDSAP Reporting, and Simplified Reporting (Former EDSAP) and Bay State CAP households are only required to report and verify limited changes during the certification period. For details on reporting requirements, please see Simplified Reporting During Case Maintenance and Bay State CAP Case Maintenance. Additionally TBA households are not required to report or verify any changes during the certification period. 



When your receive the FAW action entitled Verifications due, which encompasses all overdue mandatory case maintenance verifications, you must determine whether the VC-1 request was appropriate in accordance with the households certification type and reporting requirements.

If the VC-1 request was not necessary, for instance, if a Simplified Reporting household did not appear to exceed its gross income limit, then you must dismiss the action using Dismissed Due to Simplified Reporting Requirement which is found in the dropdown.


For EAEDC and TAFDC, a client has 20 days to report a change in any circumstances which may effect the household’s benefit amount or continued eligibility.

For all programs, when a client reports a case maintenance change, and the item requires   verification, you must give the client a verification checklist. The VC-1 will automatically populate a return date 20 days from the request.

For TAFDC, EAEDC, and case manager-assigned SNAP cases, A BEACON batch job will automatically close active cases at case maintenance for the reason “Failure to submit the required verifications”, provided at least one mandatory verification with a due date is outstanding, no automated action to close a case for failure to provide verification will take place until five days after the due date.



If any Central Office scanned documents, Burial unit VC-1s, or unprocessed scanned documents exist in the electronic case folder, the case will be excluded from this automatic closure.  



Verifications Policy and Procedures (EAEDC)

Verifications Policy and Procedures (SNAP)

Verifications Policy and Procedures (TAFDC)



  Last Update: December 21, 2018