Universal Basic Income Pilots

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a model for providing all members of a community with a given sum of money, regardless of their income, resources, or employment status.

DTA applicants/clients may be participating in a UBI pilot.

Because income from a pilot is temporary it is important to keep clients connected to all of the DTA programs and services the applicant/client is otherwise eligible for. To accomplish this, income from a UBI pilot is considered non-countable for the TAFDC and EAEDC programs under 106 CMR 704.250 (CC). For the SNAP program, income from a UBI pilot is considered non-countable unless the UBI payments are fully funded by a government source, even if the agency administering the program is not a government entity.

To determine if the income from a particular UBI pilot is countable for DTA programs, policy needs to review the funding sources.

Policy has reviewed the funding sources for the following pilots and the income received from these is non-countable for all DTA programs:

If a client reports they are participating in a UBI pilot, or something that sounds similar, and you do not see it on the list above please have the appropriate TAO staff send the information to the Procedural Issues Mailbox so a determination can be made.


  Last Update: September 16, 2021