Trust and Invest Collaborative (TIC)

The Department of Transitional Assistance has partnered with UpTogether in a research study, Trust and Invest Collaborative (TIC). TIC will assess the role of financial and social capital in helping to lift families out of poverty. The study will last two years. DTA will assist with outreach and provide data.

To participate in TIC, individuals must:

Only one family per street address will be accepted into the study. DTA clients will make up approximately 50% of the participants.

DTA will recruit participants from the Boston, Quincy and Chelsea catchment areas who are residents of Boston or Cambridge to join the study. If you receive a phone call with questions about TIC you can direct the client to Clients can apply to the study with this link. Other recruitment efforts will be happening throughout the Boston and Cambridge communities.



Active eligible TAFDC DTA clients who are residents of Boston or Cambridge may receive a text messages from the Department to recruit participants for TIC.  The text messages will be sent in English and Spanish. Those with HLS or who have affirmatively opted-out of text messaging from DTA are excluded. Text messages are sent regardless of the phone Type listed on BEACON.

If the client was contacted about participating in the study, the Communications page will be updated with the text message language. If you speak with a client who is concerned about whether the text message is a scam, please refer to their Electronic Case Folder (ECF) to confirm that it was a valid message sent from DTA and encourage the client to apply for the study if they are interested.



Clients who participate in the study will:



Payments received from participation in TIC are non-countable unearned income for SNAP, EAEDC and TAFDC.

  Last Update: November 10, 2021