MBTA Youth Pass Program


On February 1, 2017, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) introduced the MBTA Youth Pass Program.  This program provides affordable access to public transportation for low-income youth and young adults. 

To be eligible for the Youth Pass, the client must:


The Youth Pass provides the cardholder with these options:



Purchase of half-price tickets for all Commuter Rail zones is available at this time.


Youth Pass cards can be updated at any MBTA fare vending machine or retail sales terminal.  Cardholders’ photos will be displayed on their Youth Pass card.

Clients can apply for MBTA’s Youth Pass Program by enrolling through one of the participating city partners.  Annual enrollment is required, and all Youth Pass cards expire on November 1st of every year.  The list of city partners and information on the enrollment process can be located on MBTA’s website:  www.mbta.com/youthpass. Eligibility determination and Youth Pass card distribution is regulated by each participating city partner.

TAFDC clients with an active EDP and an active ESP activity who have a Youth Pass are eligible for a transportation payment of $80.  However, TAFDC clients participating only in community service are not eligible for a transportation payment.



Youth Pass riders should always keep their Youth Pass CharlieCard with them when they ride the T to present as proof of program membership.  



MBTA YouthPass Flyer



  Last Update:  April 15, 2021