Heightened Level of Security Impact


A client may request the option of assigning the heightened level of security indicator if s/he fears that his/her DTA involvement or DTA case information could be acquired by someone who would jeopardize his/her safety (e.g., is a victim of domestic violence, is a victim of gang violence, is involved in a witness protection program, etc.).

You must explain that when the heightened level of security (HLS) indicator is placed on his/her case, no information whatsoever will be given over the telephone to anyone, including the client. Stress that all contact must be conducted face-to-face in the office. Make sure to ask the client if coming to the office more frequently is a safe option and will not increase the danger. Inform the client to bring a photo identification (ID) when s/he comes to the TAO. If the client indicates that s/he is a victim of domestic violence, you must make a referral to the Domestic Violence Specialist.  It is the client’s decision whether to speak to or meet with the Domestic Violence Specialist.

A client with the HLS indicator will not be able to access information about his/her benefits on DTA Connect and cannot use the automated options on the Assistance Line, such as obtaining benefit details or requesting an income verification letter.



In all situations, it is the client’s decision whether or not to use the HLS indicator. You must not activate or remove the indicator without the client’s written consent.



Clients may verbally request to Block Online Services, including accessing IVR and DTA Connect.  Unlike requesting HLS, no written request is necessary. Clients who have had their personal identification compromised, such as victims of identity theft, may wish to block online services. With this request, telephonic communications are still permitted. The default response to this question on BEACON must be No unless the client makes the request. The conversation about this option must be documented in the Narrative..


Heightened Level of Security Confirmation/Declination Form

Clients who express concerns about their safety and confidentiality of case information must indicate in writing whether they want to avail themselves of the HLS indicator. You and the client must sign the Request for Heightened Level of Security form in English or Spanish, to acknowledge that s/he understands the restrictions associated with activating the heightened level of security indicator.

The Request for Heightened Level of Security form must also be used to acknowledge the request to remove the heightened level of security indicator if the client no longer wishes to have the restrictions placed on the case.


Heightened Level of Security Policy and Procedures



  Last Update: April 6, 2018