EBT Card Issuance Tracking

The Department can track information from USPS regarding the anticipated delivery dates for completed EBT Card requests. This information will be displayed for staff and clients so that clients can know when to expect delivery of their EBT card.

Once an EBT Card request is completed and the card is mailed, anticipated delivery date is viewable to staff on the Client Communication and EBT Card Request Tabs in BEACON and for clients on DTA Connect.



If staff identify a case where they believe there is an emergency or critical EBT need, they must bring the case to the attention of their manager who will assess the circumstances and determine potential solutions.


Tracking EBT Card Delivery in BEACON

EBT Request Tab

On the EBT Card Request tab, staff can view the anticipated delivery date by clicking on the most recent EBT Card request. Once the EBT Card request is selected, the case manager must click the Track tab. The Track tab will automatically populate the anticipated delivery date, once information from USPS is obtained.


Client Communication Tab

On the Client Communication tab, filter the Communication field by selecting Notice, and filter the Document field by selecting EBT Card Mailer Notice and click Search. The most recent EBT Card Mailer notice will appear and the Anticipated Delivery Date will be on the far right of the screen, once information from USPS is obtained.


Tracking EBT Card Delivery on DTAConnect Mobile App

Clients can view the anticipated delivery date for their EBT card via the DTAConnect Mobile App homepage once tracking information is obtained from USPS. For more information regarding requesting an EBT card, please see Requesting an EBT Card via DTAConnect.com and DTAConnect Mobile App.

Tracking EBT Card Delivery on the DTAConnect.com Portals

On the DTAConnect.com Client and Provider portals, the anticipated delivery date will populate as a banner on the client’s homepage.


The anticipated card delivery date will be viewable for 60 days upon initiation of the request on the DTA Connect Mobile App and the DTAConnect.com online portals for clients.


  Last Update: October 13, 2021