Grounds for Good Cause due to Domestic Violence


An applicant or client (hereafter referred to as client), at any time, can request good cause due to domestic violence (DV) from certain TAFDC program rules (such as 24-month Time-limited benefits or work program), certain EAEDC and SNAP rules and other DTA requirements.  Proof that a client is a current or past survivor of DV is not sufficient documentation for the Department approving a good cause due to DV claim. 



A client may be granted good cause for not cooperating with child support due to DV. See Child Support Good Cause for additional information.


To be approved for a good cause due to DV claim, the client must also demonstrate that compliance with a specific program may:



Serious emotional impairment must be of such severity that it would significantly reduce the client’s capacity to care for him/herself or significantly reduce his or her capacity to perform essential activities of daily living.


Verification(s) for a good cause due to DV claim

The client must verify that his or her situation meets at least one of the above criteria as grounds for good cause due to DV by submitting one or more of the following:



A sworn statement is a person’s statement of facts relevant to a particular action.  The document is considered sworn by the inclusion of a statement that states the writer’s declaration that facts and information are made under the penalties of perjury. The statement must include the person’s name, address, the date on which the statement is being made, and the detailed statement about the DV, etc.


The sworn statement does not require the use of a Notary Public. 



The client and his or her witness are not allowed to use DTA’s Self-Declaration Form, Self-Declaration Form (S) for the purpose of the sworn statement concerning good cause due to DV.


Good Cause due to Domestic Violence - Overview

Good Cause due to Domestic Violence Policy and Procedures



  Last Update: May 2, 2019