Good Cause due to Domestic Violence - Overview


An applicant or client (hereafter referred to as client) may have reasons that are acceptable to the Department (DTA) for why s/he cannot meet certain DTA rules.  These reasons are known as good cause.


Being a past or present victim of domestic violence (DV) may make it difficult for a client to meet certain TAFDC requirements.  DV is defined by the following acts committed by a current or former intimate partner, relative, or household member:

At application, eligibility reviews and at any time a client discloses that s/he is a past or present victim of DV, you must inform the client about the availability of DV services.  You must inform the client that s/he may be eligible for waivers of certain TAFDC program requirements for good cause due to DV. 

Give the client a DV brochure entitled, Everyone Deserves to be safe! Are you? and offer to refer the client to the Domestic Violence (DV) Specialist assigned to the TAO.  The DV Specialist can help the client decide if a DV waiver request(s) is appropriate for a specific requirement and help document the need for a waiver, if applicable.

The DV Specialist can also provide other DV services and community resources to help the client be safe and reduce the effects of DV on the client and/or the children.



The Everyone Deserves to be safe! Are you? brochure is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese and Haitian Creole.


A TAFDC client can request good cause due to domestic violence (DV) from the following TAFDC program requirements:


Good cause due to DV may only be considered at the time the specific program requirement is to be imposed on the client.  For example, waiver of the 24-month Time Limited benefits can only be requested by the client when s/he is at or beyond the 22nd month of time-limited benefits.  (This does not apply to EAEDC and SNAP rules.)

Good cause due to DV may be granted on a case by case basis by the Department and can be permanently granted or temporary.  Temporary good cause can be granted for a period of up to six months.

You should check your Views daily.  When a client’s good cause due to DV six month period is due to expire, it will appear in your Assessed Person Potential Changes view in the Clients with Expiring Good Cause Reasons folder.  You must meet with the client and ask him/her whether s/he wants to request a continuance.

If a continuance is requested, the client may be required to verify that s/he is currently participating in a DV program, or is otherwise addressing the DV issue which is the basis of the current good cause due to DV approval.



You should offer to refer the client to the DV Specialist for help with verifying this requirement. The client is not obligated to meet with the DV Specialist.



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  Last Update: May 2, 2019