Domestic Violence Unit Overview


The Department of Transitional Assistance is committed to helping victims of domestic violence live violence free lives and achieve economic self-sufficiency, safely.  To that end, in 1999 the Department established a Domestic Violence Unit.  The DTA Domestic Violence Unit is comprised of 8 Domestic Violence Specialists, 4 Regional Coordinators, and a Director.  The Domestic Violence Unit (DV Unit) helps to ensure that both safety and barriers to employment for victims of domestic violence are addressed as early as possible and that all appropriate services are made available to victims.  Each TAO is assigned a domestic violence specialist.

Domestic violence does not have to be a physical act.  Domestic violence can be in the form of verbal, emotional, financial, physical and/or sexual abuse.  It is often defined as the use of power (verbal, emotional, physical, financial or sexual abuse) to control the relationship.


Domestic Violence Unit Policy and Procedures


  Last Update: March 20, 2013