Address Changes Reported to DTA by DHCD


When a DTA family who is placed in an Emergency Assistance (EA) shelter/motel placement is moved, Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) staff will send a completed DHCD to DTA Case Transfer Form directly to the Document Processing Center (DPC).

The completed form includes the DTA head of household’s demographic information and

Submitted forms are scanned and indexed at the DPC. If the person/family is receiving SNAP benefits only, the scanned document becomes an Action (Process Scanned Document) that becomes part of the Processing Action Pool.  Scanned DCHD to DTA Case Transfer Forms that are associated with active, pending or certain recently closed cash cases are made available in the Available/Reviewed Scanned Documents view for processing by cash case managers.

The First Available Worker (FAW) or cash case manager who is assigned the action or notification must:



  Last Update: January 22, 2015