Summer P-EBT



The Families First Coronavirus Response Act H.R. 6201, includes a provision called “Pandemic EBT or P-EBT” which allows a set amount of benefits to be issued to children who usually receive free or reduced-price meals and children in childcare. The Department received approval to continue providing P-EBT for families through summer 2022. The benefits cover the summer period of 6/22/2022 through 8/31/2022. The Summer P-EBT benefit is $391 per child, with a payment of $195.50 to be issued in July and August.


School-aged Children

School-aged children are eligible for Summer P-EBT if they:



Children who have received P-EBT benefits but  have subsequently moved out of Massachusetts are ineligible to receive Summer P-EBT benefits. Clients with SNAP cases that did not receive expedited benefits at application that were authorized for ongoing benefits Active at $0 and remain Active at $0 during the entire summer period are also ineligible for Summer P-EBT benefits.



Children Aged 0-5

Children aged 0-5, that are not enrolled in school, are eligible for Summer P-EBT if they are in an active SNAP household at any point during the covered summer period.


Children under the age of 6 in households who received expedited benefits only, at any point during the covered summer months (6/22/22 – 8/31/22), are eligible for the full Summer P-EBT benefit amount.


Children aged 0-5 in SNAP households that did not receive expedited benefits at application that were authorized for ongoing benefits Active at $0 and remain Active at $0 during the entire summer period are also ineligible for Summer P-EBT benefits.



If you encounter a household with a child, age 6 or more, who is active in a SNAP household but enrolled in childcare, you must email the case APID and the child’s name to your supervisor. After the supervisor reviews the request and determines that special processing of Summer P-EBT benefits are required, the supervisor must forward the case details to the TAO’s SIS or managers to be sent to the Procedural Mailbox.




Benefit Issuance

Summer P-EBT benefits will be paid on current EBT and P-EBT cards for existing DTA and non-DTA households. Newly eligible DTA households will have benefits paid on their current EBT card. Newly eligible non-DTA households will have benefits paid on a new P-EBT card.


Summer P-EBT Payment Schedule

The total Summer P-EBT benefit amount is $391. School-aged children and children aged 0-5 will receive 2 payments of $195.50 issued during the months of July and August.


Children under 6 who attend pre-K and are eligible for National School Lunch Program (NSLP) are considered school-aged children and will receive their P-EBT benefit on July 3 and August 3.



A select group of school aged students will not receive their first P-EBT issuance on 7/3/2022. These students will receive their first benefit through a special payment on 7/11/2022. They will receive their second summer P-EBT payment on 8/3/22 along with the rest of school aged students. Case manager must inform families that if they believe their student is eligible but did not receive benefits on 7/3/22, they must wait until 7/11/22 to contact their school.


The list of districts/schools that submitted P-EBT eligibility files for the July 2022 and August 2022 summer P-EBT issuances will be posted on DTA Policy Online. You must reference these school issuance lists before responding to P-EBT inquiries regarding missing summer P-EBT benefits.


Summer P-EBT Payment Schedule for Late Eligibility

Children who become eligible at any time during the covered summer period (6/22/2022–8/31/2022) will receive the full Summer P-EBT payment.


School Aged Children

Issuance Date

Children Aged 0-5

Issuance Date

Becomes eligible between 6/22/22 and 7/20/22


Becomes eligible between 7/22/22 and 8/22/22


Becomes eligible between 7/21/22 and 8/31/22

*On the 25th of the following month

Becomes eligible between 8/22/22 and 8/31/22

*On the 25th of following month


*Payments could be issued in August, September, or October. This will be based on exact date of eligibility. Payments issued in September and October are expected to impact a small number of families.


Summer Meals

In addition to Summer P-EBT benefits, the Summer Food Service Program will continue to provide free meals to children aged 18 and under when school is not in session. The program is located in eligible areas throughout the state, and the meals are often provided in conjunction with educational and recreational activities.  

You can refer clients to meals sites by visiting Clients may also call the Project Bread FoodSource Hotline at 1-800-645-8333.

A one-time notice regarding Summer P-EBT benefits will be issued to all P-EBT recipients.



BEACON will add batch narratives to P-EBT recipients for each summer issuance.

All P-EBT recipients with an available phone number who have either Opted-In or Requested Text Messages will receive a text message regarding the summer issuances.

An alert and a banner will be displayed on DTA Connect Mobile App and portal respectively starting the 25th of the month up until the last calendar day of the same month.

Clients may find additional information regarding P-EBT notices, text messages, flyers and other outreach materials at


P-EBT Client Support

DTA and non-DTA Households are advised to contact the DTA Assistance Line for any questions related to P-EBT. P-EBT calls are not to be directed to Project Bread, and clients are not to be directed to their local TAO.

If a client calls in to discuss their P-EBT case, you can review P-EBT information in BEACON for DTA and Non-DTA clients.  You can view case details, update case information, view benefit history, write a narrative, view P-EBT client communications, and submit client requests for restoration of expunged P-EBT benefits (if applicable).




 Last Update: November 3, 2022