Available Auxiliary Aids


Auxiliary aids are intended to help with client communication and include, but are not limited to:




If a client requests use of Video Relay Service (VRS), you must enter the VRS phone number of the client on the Difficulty tab of the Accommodation/Special Assistance Screening page.



For additional auxiliary aids and their usage, please reference the Department’s Disability Resource Guide found at:  The Disability Resource Guide. Use of appropriate auxiliary aids is part of the Department’s obligation under the ADA.



A request for an auxiliary aid must prompt a discussion with the client to have an accommodation screening.




The Accommodation/Special Assistance workflow is mandatory for completion in the following situations:

  • Application, reevaluation and recertification when an interview is required;

  • When a request for a TAFDC or EAEDC disability exemption is made on the associated Work Requirements page;

  • Whenever a client is indicated as Disabled on the Disability page; and

  • Whenever a client communicates to the Department that he or she has a disability.



Protocols for Working with Walk-in Clients who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Serving Deaf and Hard of Hearing Walk-in Clients at TAOs Equipped with Video Remote Interpreting

American Sign Language (ASL) Protocols

ADA Policy and Procedures



  Last Update:  May 16, 2019