Transportation Payment Procedures


Transportation payments for eligible TAFDC clients are issued automatically on the first cyclical benefit date after the EDP has been approved along with an active activity and each month the EDP and activity remain active.

Eligible clients include active clients or clients ineligible due to a sanction in an active TAFDC assistance unit, with an active EDP and an active activity.  See Transportation Overview for the list of eligible activities.  Clients participating in community service only are not eligible for this payment. 



You must issue the transportation payment through a Related Benefit for clients whose EDPs are not approved until after the first cyclical benefit issuance.


If a client is fulfilling his/her work program requirement solely through employment, and that information is entered in BEACON with an Interview Wrapup, case managers will not have to take additional steps to issue a transportation benefit.  The benefit will be issued through an overnight batch job on the first cyclical issuance date for each of the six months that the employment is used to calculate the client’s grant.  Once the client submits the wages for the next six months, the automated transportation process will continue.



Reinstatements, Closings and Reopenings

Cases that are closed and reinstated (within 30 days) that did not receive the automated transportation payment will automatically be issued the transportation payment that was missed.  If more than 30 days have passed since the case was closed and a case is re-opened with a new application you will have to issue a supplement for any transportation payments missed if the client was eligible.  Certain circumstances will require a transportation payment to be issued manually.  If a client has not received a transportation payment s/he is entitled to, you must issue a payment by going to the Program Administration workflow and opening the Related Benefit page.



  1. select Transportation from the Type drop-down list

  2. enter $80 in the Amount field

  3. enter the date when the Related Benefit period begins.  You can select a date from the popup calendar

  4. enter the date when the Related Benefit period ends.  You can select a date from the popup calendar


For the begin and end dates, you must select the first and last dates of the month for which the payments are being made.  Selecting the incorrect dates could result in the client losing a transportation payment for one month.


  1. click Save

  2. click Next to save your entries or changes and go to the next page in the workflow

  3. click Finish to save your entries or changes and to exit the page and the workflow



Good Cause Criteria – TAFDC

Transportation Overview

Transportation Policy and Procedures



  Last Update:  February 21, 2019