Transitional Child Care


Transitional Child Care (TCC) is available for a former client whose TAFDC case closed within the prior 12 months and who is currently employed and/or enrolled in an education or training program. Clients who receive TCC may be required by the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) to pay a parent fee to the child care provider.

If a TAFDC case closes without a child care authorization and the client subsequently needs child care, they may request a TCC referral from DTA within 12 months of the TAFDC case closure, regardless of why the TAFDC case closed.


To qualify for a TCC referral, the former client must:


Transitional Child Care Referral

To authorize a former client for TCC, you must confirm the former client’s service need before completing a TCC referral. Inform the client that the Child Care Resource and Referral agency will request verifications of their current earned income from a job(s) or the education/training program.


Manually complete the Child Care Referral

  1. fill in all sections of the referral

  2. under the Activity Information section, for Activity Type select Transitional Child Care and indicate the TAFDC Case Closing Date

  3. under Child Care Need select Full Time or Part Time based on what the parent requests

  4. email the referral and a termination verification letter for TAFDC to the Child Care Resource and Referral Agency (CCRR) (See CCRR Contact list, and

  5. scan a copy of the referral into the client’s electronic case folder (ECF) as “ESP Referral and Response Form” and enter a detailed narrative.


The former client must contact the CCRR and schedule an appointment. In most instances, clients will need to meet with a CCRR counselor in person. The CCRR counselor will help the client find a licensed child care provider (if the client has not already selected one) and issue a child care voucher.


Parent fee

As part of the assessment, the CCRR counselor will determine whether the former client is required to pay a parent fee. The parent fee is based on the family’s current income and family size.  If a parent fee is required, the CCRR counselor will explain to the former client how the fee is determined and inform them of the fee amount.


Child Care Services Policy and Procedures



  Last Update:  May 2, 2019