Transitional Support Services- TAFDC


TAFDC Closings Resulting in Transitional Support Services

When a TAFDC case closes due to countable earned income in excess of the grant, each former grantee can receive Transitional Support Services (TSS).  TSS are not TAFDC benefits, but rather stipends provided to assist former grantees as they move to employment and economic self-sufficiency.  These services are intended to support the retention of employment and prevent the need to return to TAFDC.  Former grantees are eligible for TSS stipends only if their TAFDC case remains closed.  Grantees eligible for TSS will receive stipends regardless of whether or not a SNAP or ESP case is active.  TSS stipends cannot be received for more than 24-months within a grantee’s 60-month period

TSS falls into two categories, Work Related Expense Stipends and Transportation Stipends.  Each grantee whose case closed for earnings will receive a separate stipend. TSS stipends begin when a case is closed for 30 days. TSS stipends are available for a period of four months, in amounts that decrease over the TSS period.  The stipend amounts are as follows:  



TSS stipends will stop automatically if the case reopens within the four months of TSS stipends.   



Work Related Expense Stipend

Month 1 $200

Month 2 $150

Month 3 $100

Month 4 $50


Transportation Stipend

Month 1 $80

Month 2 $60

Month 3 $40

Month 4 $20



All TSS stipends will be issued to former grantees.  Stipends are issued once monthly.  The dates of these issuances are based on the last digit in the SSN of the head of household grantee.  TSS stipends will either be deposited into EBT account or directly deposited into the bank account, depending upon the method by which the grantee, when active, received his/her benefit.  



To qualify for TSS stipends, a case must close due to countable earned income in excess of the grant, a combination of earnings and other income, or a voluntary withdrawal with verified earned income in the case. If the grantee informs you that s/he would like to voluntarily close his/her TAFDC case, please inquire if this voluntary closure is the result of a new job, or increased earnings, so that the client avoids missing this potential opportunity.   



If at any point prior to the fourth and final TSS issuance, a former grantee or other parent can requests to have his/her TSS stipends stopped. The TSS stipends can only be canceled when a client has provided a signed statement to stop these stipends. To cancel TSS stipends, you must:

  1. enter the TSS Benefits page located within the Program Administration workflow. Once in the TSS Benefits page, you can view both historical issuances and future TSS benefit schedules.

  2. change the status of the former grantee or other parent from scheduled to canceled in the status dropdown; client request will prepopulate the reason dropdown.

  3. click the client signed checkbox within the page and

  4. enter the date the client requested the cancellation of TSS stipends.

Once these TSS stipends have stopped, they cannot be reinitiated.



  Last Update:  October 26, 2018