Relocation Benefit Overview


Relocation benefits are provided to certain TAFDC or EAEDC families currently in shelters or TAFDC clients in a Teen Parenting Program (TPP).  Relocation benefits help defray certain expenses that would prevent clients from securing permanent housing.

Relocation benefits are available to:

• TAFDC clients who have been in a temporary emergency shelter for 60 or more days

 • TAFDC households in a domestic violence shelter for 60 or more days

 • a TAFDC teen parent, 18 or 19 years of age, residing in a teen living program (TPP) for 60 or more days and meeting the conditions of a teen parent living independently, and

• EAEDC caretaker family households who have been in a temporary emergency shelter for 60 or more days

Relocation benefits are available for expenses related to the client's ability to move from a shelter into permanent housing.  These expenses include, but are not limited to, payment of:

• advance rent

• security deposit

• outstanding rental arrearage, such as rental arrears from public housing preventing new occupancy

• an outstanding utility arrearage or a utility deposit, such as a prior utility bill preventing service from being established for a new residence

• storage (to remove furniture placed there when the family was homeless), and/or

• moving expenses



If you have case specific question relating to the types of expenses a client is claiming related to the ability to move from a shelter into permanent housing please contact the policy mailbox.


The total amount of a relocation benefit may not exceed $1000 in a 12-month period.  A client may decide to allocate the entire amount to one vendor, such as for a security deposit, or to several vendors. Families can receive both a relocation benefit and HomeBase Household Assistance as long as those payments are not covering the same item. For example, if HomeBASE household assistance has provided a family with funds for a bedroom set, DTA can provide that family with a relocation benefit to purchase a kitchen set. If you have a question about what is allowable for a specific case, please email the procedural issues mailbox.


The relocation benefit must be issued as a vendor payment through the Special Services Payment System (SSPS). A relocation benefit will be authorized only if such payment will ensure permanent housing for the client. If the client pays for the expense or arrearage prior to authorization of the relocation benefit, s/he will not be reimbursed.



Relocation Benefit Policy and Procedures



 Last Update:  May 15, 2020