Work Program Requirements Overview


Under the Work Program, certain able-bodied grantees (applicants and clients) are allowed a 60-day work search period in which to find a job of at least 20 or 30 hours per week (based on the hourly Work Program requirement). A grantee who does not obtain a job within the 60-day work search period, whose youngest child in the case is two years old and older, and who does not have good cause for failure to meet the Work Program requirement, must:

In a two-parent case, both parents must be assessed for the Work Program requirement. See Two-Parent Case Examples.

For the grantee subject to the Work Program requirement who does not request an exemption, the 60-day work search period starts on the application date or the day that you explain the Work Program requirement and enter the information on the Work Requirements TAFDC page.

If the grantee is exempt and becomes nonexempt (for example, the youngest child turns two), the grantee’s status changes automatically from Exempt to Nonexempt.  Twenty days before the end of the exemption a Work Program Participation Update notice will be automatically mailed unless the grantee has another exemption.  This notice will inform them:

If a work program required grantee is sanctioned, good cause, meets compliance or an exemption reason will suspend the automated sanction process. 

If a work program required grantee is at sanction Level 3 (grantee closure) or Level 4 (case closure) and is about to have either exemption reason, meets compliance or good cause expire, 20 days before the end of the expiration s/he will receive a work program required notice informing him/her that their good cause, meets compliance or exemption is expiring. A community service referral will be sent to the grantee on the expiration date.  The grantee will have 10 days to enroll in a community service and/or other activity to meet the work program requirement.  If the grantee does not submit proof of enrollment within the 10-day period, the sanction will occur.



When entering a new Meets Compliance or Exemption reason, a new Start Date and End Date, if appropriate, must be entered for the new reason to be recognized.


An employed grantee subject to the Work Program who subsequently loses the job or has hours reduced below 20 or 30 hours per week (based on their mandated hourly Work Program requirement), after the initial 60-day work search period, does not receive another 60-day work search period. S/he must meet the Work Program requirement within 10 days of losing the job or having hours reduced. For more details on this activity, see Day 1: Initial Interview.

A grantee has only one consecutive 60-day work search period within a continuous 60-month period. If the individual was closed and reapplies for TAFDC benefits, another 60-day work search period for job search will be allowed only if the initial 60-month period has expired.

Once a grantee is subject to the Work Program requirement, it is important that s/he understand the 24-month time limit and the importance of finding a job before cash benefits are terminated. You should annotate the Narrative tab that this has been discussed.


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