Exemptions from Time-Limited Benefits


A grantee is exempt from the 24-month Time Limit and the Work Program when s/he meets one of the exemptions listed in this section.  In a two-parent case (Two-Parent Exemption Restrictions), both parents must be exempt for the case to be exempt.  The grantee’s exemption reason must be entered on the Work Requirements TAFDC page.


To be exempt, a grantee must:

  1. be disabled





A grantee may receive TAFDC or SSI for himself or herself, but may not receive both at the same time.



  1. be essential to the care of the following disabled person living in the home:


For a grantee who claims to be essential to the care of the disabled child, documentation must be submitted to verify this exemption.



If not documented by the TAFDC-4, other verification includes:



A grantee who claims to be essential to the care of any of the other disabled persons must provide verification that the disabled person:


  1. be a pregnant woman whose child is expected to be born within the next 120 days.




If 30 days after the pregnancy due date on the Pregnancy page, no change has been entered on the pregnancy status, a Pregnancy Information Update notice will automatically be sent to the household member with instructions to call the case manager identified on the notice within 10 days (from the notice date) to report the change in the household’s circumstances. 


If the Pregnancy page is not updated within 20 days of the notice date, the TAFDC case will be closed for failure to submit verification.


  1. have his or her youngest child who is under age two and is in the case or would be, except for receipt of SSI/SSP or who is provided with state and/or federal foster care maintenance payments or adoption assistance.






A grantee may not claim this exemption for a teen parent’s dependent child if that child’s parent is living in the home.


  1. be a teen parent under age 20 who is meeting the teen parent living arrangement requirements, is attending school, not beyond high school full-time, or a combination of a full-time High School Equivalency Certificate program and participation in an approved training or employment-related activity, or if living in a Teen Parenting Program (TPP), meeting the requirements of that program.



  1. be age 60 or older


  1. be an ineligible grantee



The ineligible grantee who has a legal obligation to support his or her dependent children cannot be exempt unless s/he meets one of the other exemptions listed in this section, or cannot work for pay due to alien status.     


S/he must provide verification of the other exemption(s) claimed listed in this section, or verification of noncitizen status. (Noncitizen)


Since the Exemption reason and work program status will be changed automatically based on information entered, it is extremely important to complete the Work Requirements TAFDC page correctly.



When entering a new Meets Compliance or Exemption reason, a new Start Date and End Date, if appropriate, must be entered for the new reason to be recognized.      


Entering Exemptions


To record the exemption reason for a grantee, go to the Work Requirements – TAFDC page and:

  1. select the grantee from the Members List.  Case exemption data is only enabled for members who are TAFDC grantees

  2. in the AU Time Limit/Reduced Standard Exemption area, for Exemption status, select: Exempt

  3. select Exempt from the Reason drop-down box

  4. for Effective date, enter the date when the exemption status will become effective.  You can select a date from the pop-up calendar

  5. to enter work requirements for another member, click Next

  6. to save the information and leave the page, click Finish.  Your entries and changes are saved.  Next takes you to the next page in the workflow.  Finish exits both the page and the workflow



In a two-parent case, steps 3-6 must be performed for both parents.



Exemptions Policy and Procedure



  Last Update: May 2, 2019