TAFDC Good Cause Medical Statement (TAFDC-GCMS) - TAFDC


The TAFDC Good Cause Medical Statement is used when a TAFDC client who requests a disability exemption is not eligible for presumptive disability benefits because they were previously denied a disability exemption claim (within the past 60-month period), but has a health condition or illness which prevents him/her from meeting work program requirements, TAFDC Employment Development Plan (EDP) requirements, or time limit extension work activity requirements.

The TAFDC-GCMS must be signed by a competent medical authority certifying that the client has a health condition or illness that will last longer than 30 days that prevents him/her from meeting the work program requirement, requirements of a TAFDC EDP or work activities related to qualifying for a TAFDC time limit extension.  The TAFDC-GCMS must indicate the length of the good cause period.  However, the good cause period will end once the final disability determination is made by DES.



Disability Policy and Procedures - TAFDC



  Last Update:  November 27, 2019