Acosta Payment


When the payment of the current monthly support obligation from the absent parent(s) exceeds the monthly TAFDC benefit (the combined total of the TAFDC grant, recoupment amount, and protective payments), the difference must be sent to the client.  The Department of Revenue refers to this amount as an excess of grant amount.  DTA refers to this amount as an Acosta payment.  If the Acosta amount is greater than the amount of the grant for two consecutive months, the case must be closed.

A TAO assistant director will print the DOR/CSE Acosta File Report from MobiusView on a monthly basis for clients in the TAO.  They will review this report for all Acosta payments.  When there is a client with Acosta payments for two consecutive months, the reports will be given to you and your supervisor.  You must enter the client’s child support income in the Other Income Status page.  See Unearned Income for procedures for entering this type of income.  (You must perform an Interview Wrapup after entering this income.  BEACON will calculate the financial eligibility and sends a termination notice, if applicable, to the client.

Acosta payments are displayed on the Benefit History tab after being entered in the Related Benefit page.  Although an Acosta payment may indicate that the current support amount exceeds the TAFDC grant amount, the TAFDC case remains active for at least one more month to confirm the continuation of the increased support payment.

Acosta payments are considered lump sum income for SNAP.  See SNAP Asset Guidelines.


Child Support Policy and Procedures


  Last Update: June 16, 2022