Lump Sum Period of Ineligibility - TAFDC


Once the TAFDC program lump sum income information has been entered and verified, the period of ineligibility, if any, is automatically determined.  When the calculations are completed, the following fields will be displayed on the Interview Wrapup Financial tab under the Benefit field:

The number of months of ineligibility, the remainder, if any, and the total ineligibility amount will be displayed.


Situations Resulting in a Recalculation of the Period of Ineligibility:

Under certain circumstances such as a natural disaster or an abusive relationship, the period of ineligibility can be recalculated. 

To recalculate the period of ineligibility for a closed client, you must:

  1. complete a Request for Assistance to change the case status from closed to pending

  2. after entering appropriate information on requires reedit workflows, go to the Lump Sum page, click the appropriate Lump Sum Type check box.  Lump Sum Type, Period and Gross Income will populate

  3. for Abuse, select the Yes radio button in either of these two situations:

    1. the ineligible client was required to spend the lump sum payment on day-to-day living expenses for the client because of an abusive relationship, or

    2. the client no longer has access to the lump sum payment because of an abusive relationship and cannot pay day-to-day expenses

Question at top of page:  “Has someone limited your access to the lump sum or has someone forced you to spend the lump sum?”



This field is available only if the client has a Lump Sum Period of Ineligibility.


  1. for Incurred disaster, select the Yes radio if all or a portion of the lump sum needed to be spent on day-to-day living arrangements as a result of a natural disaster

Question at top of page:  “Have you incurred any extra day-to-day living expenses as a result of the disaster?”

  1. for After disaster, select the Yes radio button if the client no longer has access to the lump sum as a direct result of a natural disaster.  Select no if this is not the case

Question at top of page:  “Is the lump sum amount accessible?”

  1. for Countable cash, select the Yes radio button if the expense is allowable for TAFDC

Question at top of page:  “Is the lump sum countable for cash programs?”

  1. for Countable FS, select the Yes radio button if the lump sum amount is a countable asset in SNAP

Question at top of page:  “Is the lump sum countable for Food Stamps program?”

  1. for Disaster date, enter the date of the natural disaster that affected the case, if appropriate

  2. click Save

  3. after the client has submitted verifications, select the type of verification(s) received in the Verification tab on the ECF page

  4. complete the Interview Wrapup without updating any other information.  The recalculation will be based upon the original lump sum date of receipt and amount plus the additional expenses or reimbursements

If the case continues to be ineligible after the recalculation, but the length of ineligibility is shortened, the new period of ineligibility date will be saved and a new notice will be sent to the client.



Any member of the filing unit who is determined to be ineligible for EAEDC due to lump sum income shall be concurrently ineligible for TAFDC.


Income Policy and Procedures



  Last Update:  September 29, 2017