Noncountable Income - TAFDC


For the purposes of determining TAFDC eligibility and grant amounts, certain types of income are considered noncountable for the TAFDC program.

Examples of some noncountable income types include but are not limited to:



Cash contributions from a non-legally responsible person that are restricted for a specific purpose and cover the entire cost of one of the needs in the chart below is countable income for determining the grant amount only.



Unheated Facility

$102.00 per month

Heated Facility

126.30 per month



27.90 per month



18.60 per month

FOOD (Individual)


41.80 per month


Payments received from participating in UTEC, More Than Words, or Roca programs are considered non-countable reimbursement payments under this provision.

If a client is receiving income from participating in an ESP program similar to those listed here, you must have your designee contact the Procedural Issues Mailbox to have the income reviewed for consideration as non-countable income.


All income must be reported and entered.  Clients must report all income and the Department will determine if the income is countable.  

Income must be entered in either the Other Income Status page as unearned income or the Earned Income page as earned income.



Income Policy and Procedures



  Last Update:  August 29, 2022