PSS Assessment Introduction


Once a TAFDC Work Program required, ESP required or ESP volunteer grantee’s/other parent’s case is active, you must schedule a Pathways to Self Sufficiency (PSS) Assessment Appointment.  These clients will appear on the Pending PSS Assessment view. You can schedule appointments for either an in-person or telephone PSS assessment. However, since clients may have difficulty explaining their assessment responses over the phone, it is recommend that an in person PSS assessment take place whenever possible.



If five business days after the case has been established an appointment has not been scheduled for either an in-person or telephone assessment, an automated letter will be sent scheduling an in office appointment.  This automated appointment will be scheduled during core hours (10 a.m. – 2 p.m.) unless the client has an accommodation with appointment times that differ from the core hours.  It is very important for you to schedule the client to ensure that the Pathways assessment is conducted timely.  Failure to keep this appointment will result in the TAFDC case being closed.


The assessment is your opportunity to engage your client in a discussion about self-reported strengths, self-reported challenges to finding employment, as well as support services and referrals to DTA specialists that will help him/her reach economic self-sufficiency.

The assessment will not be a one-time interview, but an ongoing conversation with your client required at a minimum at every reevaluation.

When interviewing clients (especially during the PSS assessment) it is important to remember to utilize your Motivational Interviewing techniques to:



A client who indicates that s/he wants to become a customer service representative but also indicates that s/he does not like working with people may not be best suited for the customer service field.


In order for your clients to be successful, you must continue to emphasize the importance of reaching economic self-sufficiency.  This involves:

The assessment will take place in the PSS Assessment workflow.



The ESP Assessment workflow will still be available for SNAP clients and EAEDC clients who may require services.  If you enter the ESP Assessment workflow to complete the PSS Assessment, a pop-up message will notify you to use the PSS Assessment workflow.


Assessment Questions Challenges

Assessment Questions Strengths



  Last Update:  June 16, 2017