DTA Works Overview


The goal of the DTA Works program is to provide employment support to Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children (TAFDC) clients through mentorship, training and exposure, to prepare them for successful entry or re-entry into the workforce.

The DTA Works program is a work ready program funded through the Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA). Since the program’s inception in 2009, DTA Works has been geared towards providing TAFDC clients with the opportunity to acquire or develop skills necessary to re-enter the workforce.  Interns are placed at a variety of locations including local DTA offices or units, partner state agencies and non-profit community-based organizations where they receive on the job clerical training and mentor support. Enrollment in the DTA Works program satisfies the TAFDC work requirement. Interns may participate for up to 24 weeks and receive a monthly education and training stipend to support their participation. This monthly stipend is in addition to current DTA benefits received and does not impact their current benefit package.

Participants are eligible for Employment Service Program Supports such as child care referrals and transportation reimbursement.

Clients who are interested in participating in DTA Works must be receiving TAFDC, with at least 9 months remaining on the State TAFDC clock.  They must be able to participate in an interview, and pass a CORI.  Potential DTA Works Interns may have a wide array of backgrounds that make them suitable for the program.

A client is a good fit for the programs if s\he:

·     does not have barriers such as language, unfavorable CORI or lack of a diploma or HiSet but has little to no work experience, professional network or current references 

·     may have advanced education and/or work experience but extensive unemployment has produced significant gaps on the resume.

·     is seeking a way to gain experience in human services or a non-profit setting

·     is seeking to build administrative and clerical skills

·     wants to change career paths to hold a role in a professional office setting


Program Support Roles

  Employment Services Program Leadership:


DTA Works Program Coordinator:


Site Mentor:


Forms Needed



All documents listed above should be obtained from the regional DTA Works program coordinator.



DTA Works Policy and Procedures



  Last Update: November 14, 2019