TAFDC Group Orientation Attendance Tracking


Each TAO has staff assigned the role of Full Engagement Worker (FEW).  The FEW organizes and conducts the TAFDC Group Orientations.  To prepare for each Group Orientation session, (s)he can access the Scheduled TAFDC Group Orientation Appointments view for a listing of clients within the TAO that are scheduled for a particular session.

The FEW is responsible for tracking TAFDC Group Orientation attendance on the Schedule Appointment page when a client completes, misses or reschedules a TAFDC Group Orientation session.



If a FEW is not available to mark whether a client attended a TAFDC Orientation or not, cash supervisors in the FEW’s TAO have the ability to record TAFDC Group Orientation attendance.


Applicants who arrive at the Orientation once the presentation has started (that is, once the Orientation PowerPoint has begun) will be asked to return to the TAO for a future Orientation session.  If it is inconvenient for the applicant to do that, s/he will be asked to wait until the current Orientation session is completed to speak with a FEW and view the Orientation presentation at the FEW’s earliest convenience that day.

In the client’s Electronic Case Folder (ECF) on the Narrative tab, the FEW must record all contacts and attempts to contact the client regarding the orientation. (S)he will also write detailed narratives about the client’s participation in work-related activities and their outcomes.


FEW BEACON Narrative tab icon

A FEW icon located on the Narrative tab identifies all narratives authored by the FEW. All entries on the Narrative tab are permanent.  The FEW icon is helpful to easily sort FEW contacts with a client as the client moves to self-sufficiency.



TAFDC Orientation

FEW: TAFDC Group Orientation Sessions.

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