Reevaluations  following TAFDC Reinstatements


TAFDC Cases that have been closed for less than 30 days for failure to complete all steps of the reevaluation must be reinstated back to the date of closing provided the client completes the reevaluation process. Cases cannot be reinstated if all necessary steps to complete the reevaluation take place more 30 days after a case has closed. In these instances the client must reapply for benefits, and a new application must be taken.


Reinstating a Case

  1. go to the Reinstatement page in the Reinstatement workflow

  2. for each program, select each member requesting reinstatement by clicking the check box next to their name



Five member names fit on the page at once.  For households larger than five, scroll down to view all the members. If all the listed members are NOT selected, the following message displays saying: “Some members of the AU being reinstated were not selected. Do you want to continue processing?”


  1. click Yes to continue. Click No to select more members for reinstatement. 

  2. click Save, and

  3. click Finish



Once the TAFDC case is reinstated, a Reevaluation will not automatically be performed.  BEACON will however remind you to complete a reevaluation upon selecting a reinstatement  


You must initiate and perform the TAFDC Reevaluation by completing the pages in the Reevaluation workflow.

If all required verifications for the review are not available, a VC-1 should be issued. If all  verifications are available, the reevaluation is ready for approval and both the reinstatement and reevaluation may be submitted for approval at the same time.  The case must be submitted for supervisory review.

Once the client has provided all required verifications submit the Reevaluation.


To submit a Reevaluation:

  1. go to the Reevaluation – Initiate/Re-initiate page in the Reevaluations workflow

  2. select the program for which the reevaluation has been completed

  3. click the Submit box, which will then populate the date

  4. click Save



If a TAFDC case is reinstated within 30 days of Closing, and the case is approved in the Interview Wrapup. BEACON will automatically revert to its original SNAP recertification end date. 



Reevaluations Policy and Procedures



  Last Update:  April 27, 2018