Reevaluations Q & A


Q. 1.  Do you always need to create an appointment letter in BEACON? For example, a client who needs a Reevaluation walks in for case maintenance and you ask the client if s/he has time to conduct the interview.  You are able to complete the interview at this time. Should you create an appointment letter for this situation?


A. 1.  No.  When you initiate the Reevaluation and complete the Interview page, do not schedule an appointment. No automatic appointment will be generated.  The Reevaluation process can be completed following established procedures.


Q. 2.  Must you send a NOMI for an NPA case associated with the TAFDC case?


A. 2.   Yes.  If the client fails to keep a TAFDC reevaluation appointment with an associated NPA case, the cash case manager must send a Notice of Missed Interview for SNAP Recertification (NOMI).  BEACON will not automatically generate a NOMI when a combo client misses his/her interview. 



In addition to the approval of a TAO supervisor, the TAO director must approve every use of Administrative Closure.  



Reevaluations Policy and Procedures



  Last Update:  January 9, 2020