Reevaluations Overview


Reevaluations are an integral part of the case management process and are designed to gather information that leads to the determination of a client’s continued eligibility. (Reevaluations may also be referred to as Eligibility Reviews.) 

Reevaluations must also be used as a means to help any client determine steps needed to reach economic self-sufficiency.  To that end, with each reevaluation, an assessment of the client’s goals and steps necessary to meet those goals must be performed.  As part of the assessment, you will explore with the client his/her strengths for moving toward economic self-sufficiency, and identify ways to maximize those strengths.  The client’s strengths can include, but are not limited to his/her education level and skills and work experience, if any.

You and the client will also identify any challenges that s/he may be facing, such as lack of reliable child care or substance use.  If there are challenges, it is important to connect the client with effective resources and supports to help him/her resolve those challenges.


Frequency of reevaluations

The reevaluation frequency, combined with required assessments will help you and the client monitor his/her progress for completing the steps and goals for reaching economic self-sufficiency. 

Reevaluations must be conducted on most TAFDC cases, at a minimum of every 6 months.

The following households will be reviewed at a minimum of every 12 months:

There are automated processes in place that are designed to continue the timely eligibility reviews of TAFDC cases and TAFDC/SNAP combination cases.

Automatic reevaluation appointments will be scheduled if you have not sent the reevaluation appointment letter to the client by the 30th day before the reevaluation end date.

The TAFDC case will be automatically closed for “Failed to keep appointment for review” if the client did not keep the appointment.



The automatic pending case closure will be initiated the night of the missed appointment.


A Verification Checklist (VC-1) will automatically be sent if the reevaluation has been initiated, the Application/Reevaluation form has been printed and you have not manually generated and sent a VC-1 for mandatory and/or optional verification items on the Verification tab.

BEACON will automatically close the TAFDC case for “Fail to submit the required verifications” only if a mandatory verification has not been returned by the verification due date.



Before automatically closing the case, BEACON will check to see if there are verifications that are scanned with an Available/Reviewed status on your Available/Reviewed Scanned Documents view.  If scanned documents exist, the case will not close for missing mandatory verifications.


Completed reevaluations

A reevaluation is not complete unless:


Reevaluations Policy and Procedures



  Last Update: May 20, 2016