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When scheduling an appointment for a reevaluation, check to see if the client has an ADA accommodation. If the client has an ADA accommodation, check the Accommodation Special Assistance Disposition page to determine the accommodation remedies. See Appointment Book – TAFDC.  

In addition, you must review and update the Accommodation/Special Assistance workflow as needed at every reevaluation.

If at least one of the remedies is:

make sure any appointment you schedule complies with the accommodation remedy.

If an appointment is not scheduled by you by the 30th day before the TAFDC reevaluation end date, an appointment will be automatically generated from BEACON and sent to the client with a specific date and time. An appointment can be made on Monday through Friday and the time(s) are in blocks of 1 hour, 45 minutes. The blocks of time are the following:

1)    8:00 AM to 9:45 AM

2)    10:00 AM to 11:45 AM

3)    12:00 PM to 1:45 PM; and

4)    2:00 PM to 4:30 PM


For any automatically scheduled appointments, such as reevaluations, BEACON will check to see if there is an accommodation for an appointment time or type restriction and schedule the appointment for the time and type requested.  

If the client has an available phone number on file and does not have Heightened Level of Security restriction, the automatically generated appointment type will be telephonic. If the client does not have an available phone number and/or has Heightened Level of Security restriction, the automatically scheduled appointment will default to face-to-face.



An appointment will never be automatically scheduled for a client who requires an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter or home visit.  Monitor your Daily Priority Actions – Reevaluation Due view for the reevaluation end dates for these clients.  You must manually generate a reevaluation appointment letter and initiate the Reevaluation at least 30 days before the reevaluation end date


When conducting the revaluation interview you must do the following:

  1. in the workflow drop-down box, select Reevaluations and click Go

  2. click Reevaluation – Initiate/Re-initiate

  3. a new box will open showing any programs that are currently or were recently active for the client.  Check the box next to the program being reevaluated.  This will populate the program field below

  4. click the Initiate check box (the current date will be populated in the Initiate date field)

  5. the Type drop-down box will be populated with Reevaluation.  Click Save

  6. click Finish.  The appropriate pages in the Reevaluation workflow will be marked as requires reedit and will be available for data entry



Steps 2 through 4 must be completed separately for each program being reviewed.  If there are multiple programs being reevaluated at the same time, this process will allow for the data entered to be applied to all the programs which have been initiated for reevaluation/recertification.


The Reevaluation workflow will display various pages requiring reedit.  Update and complete any pages requiring reedit in the following workflows:


This includes the Voter Registration Page.

The pages within each of these workflows may be completed in any order.  During the course of the interview, a client may report a change of circumstances (i.e., bank account closed, new absent parent information).  If this occurs, you must:

Eligibility factors subject to change, such as wages, must be verified at reevaluation. Eligibility factors for which the client has reported a change or for which there is contradictory information must also be re-verified.  

Other information only needs to be verified once (unless the client reports a change or the Department has reason to believe there has been a change) including, but not limited to:



To the extent possible, be sure to check if verifications already available to DTA c an satisfy multiple eligibility factors before requesting additional verification. A telephonic signature that a client provides through DTA’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system can be used for applications, reevaluations, and to provide certain verifications.


Eligibility factors that can be verified through verified upon receipt or a trusted source (e.g., Social Security benefit amounts) must be used rather than asking the client to provide them.



No reevaluation can be submitted until all pages requiring reedit have been updated and completed and all required verifications have been received.



If the client has Limited English Proficiency (LEP), use a telephonic interpreter. Professional interpreters are offered free of charge to all clients with LEP in order to conduct Department business. See Interpreter Services Overview.


If verifications are needed to complete a reevaluation, you must generate a VC-1 from the Verification tab in BEACON. Then create a detailed Narrative listing the forms and brochures that were provided to the client.



When a combo client misses his/her interview, the cash case manager must send the Notice of Missed Interview (NOMI). BEACON will not automatically generate a NOMI for combo cases. For additional information on missed eligibility interviews see Missed Eligibility Interviews.



If after an interview is conducted and verification(s) are missing but no VC-1 is sent to ask for verification(s), a VC-1 will be automatically generated requesting only outstanding verifications, even if the only missing verification(s) are optional. However, the TAFDC case will automatically be closed if there are mandatory verifications that are outstanding, and there are no scanned documents available.  You must access the Available/Reviewed Scanned Documents view daily to ensure that verification(s) received are entered on BEACON timely.


Once the interview is completed, inform the client that they can provide a telephonic signature. See Telephonic Signature. BEACON will automatically mail a copy of the relevant form with the telephonic signature validation, including a tag in the signature area to reflect that the signature was provided by phone. Inform the client that a VC-1 is being mailed to them and must be returned within the appropriate timeframe to complete the reevaluation process.

For all Reevaluations

Once the Reevaluation form has been signed and all verifications and all returned verifications are noted on the Verification tab, submit the Reevaluation(s).

To submit a Reevaluation:

1. go to the Reevaluation Submit page in the Reevaluations workflow

2. select the program for which the reevaluation has been completed

3. click the Submit box, which will then populate the date

4. click Save

5. repeat steps 2 through 4 for all programs for which a reevaluation has been completed, and

6. complete the Interview Wrapup process and submit the reevaluation(s) for supervisory review



A reevaluation is not considered complete unless:


Voter Registration Overview

Reevaluations Policy and Procedures



  Last Update:  November 23, 2022