Veterans and Active Duty Personnel - SNAP


Eligibility Requirements

A noncitizen is a veteran or active-duty personnel when they:


Unmarried Dependent Child:

An unmarried dependent child is a child:


Verification of Immigration Status

At application the applicant must provide documentation of immigration status only for household members applying for benefits. Once provided the information must be verified through the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE).  This is done by accessing the SAVE system, selecting the Create New Case button in the SAVE system and completing the request form.  Once submitted the system will verify the information or, in certain circumstances, prompt the user to institute a secondary verification.


Entering Citizenship Data

Entering INS Designation

Entering Legal Permanent Resident Data

Entering Noncitizen Data

Entering Sponsor Deeming Data


Veterans and Active Duty Personnel Policy and Procedures


  Last Update: January 20, 2022