Legal Permanent Resident Overview - SNAP


Eligibility Requirements

A noncitizen present in the U.S., as a legal permanent resident, is an eligible qualified noncitizen when they:



  • No quarter may be claimed after 12/31/96 if benefits from a federal means-tested program, as defined below, were received from any state during that same quarter.

  • An LPR may be eligible for SNAP benefits for up to six months until quarters are verified.  If the LPR does not meet the 40 qualifying quarters, and has no other eligibility factor such as disability or five years of residency, the LPR is ineligible.


Federal Means-Tested Program

The following are federal means-tested programs for purposes of determining qualifying quarters:


Verification of Legal Permanent Resident


The redesigned Green Card (above) no longer displays the individual’s signature on the front or an optical stripe on the back like the old-style card  (below).



*Card images credited to the USCIS website*


Verification of Immigration Status

At application, the applicant must provide documentation of immigration status only for household members applying for benefits.  Once provided the information must be verified through the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE).  This is done by accessing the SAVE system, selecting the Create New Case button in the SAVE system and completing the request form.  Once submitted the system will verify the information, or, in certain circumstances, prompt the user to institute a secondary verification.


Sponsor Deeming (Noncategorically Eligible Households Only)

Sponsor Deeming is the counting of the income and assets of the sponsor(s) based on the amount on the affidavit of support or current verification of the sponsor(s)' circumstances whether or not monies are actually given to the sponsored noncitizen.  SAVE will automatically return sponsor deeming information if it is available


Entering Citizenship Data

Entering INS Designation

Entering Legal Permanent Resident Data

Entering Noncitizen Data

Entering Sponsor Deeming Data


Legal Permanent Resident Policy and Procedures


  Last Update: January 20, 2022