Entering INS Designation - SNAP


The INS Designation page collects noncitizen information for a client.  This page is used to capture information regarding the client’s United States Citizens and Immigration Services (USCIS) Designation. Legal Permanent Resident and other noncitizen information will be collected on the Legal Permanent Resident and Noncitizen pages, which are available after this page.  There are various designations of noncitizens listed on this page, for example:

All lawful noncitizens enter the U.S. under a particular section of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) and are given documentation regarding their status, their date of U.S. entry, and an Alien Registration Number (A number).



If a client is currently a citizen, but was formerly a noncitizen and there are data in this section, this section will be available.

  1. access the INS Designation page in the Assessed Person Nonfinancials section of the workflow

  2. select the INS designation from the drop-down list



Noncitizen Veteran

Battered Noncitizen


Conditional Entrant

Not Legally Residing

Deportation Order Shown


Deportation Withheld Noncit.




Highland Laotian



Vawa (Violence Against Women Act)

Legal Permanent Resident

Victim of Trafficking

Naturalized Citizen

Vietnamese Amerasian

  1. enter the Alien Registration No., if applicable.  (If the leading character is an A you must drop the A and substitute a zero as the leading character)

  2. select the current INS designation Status from the drop-down list





  1. enter the Start date of the USCIS status

  2. enter the Expiration date, only if the Status is Closed or Denied

  3. enter the Initial date of entry into the U.S

  4. indicate if the client is eligible for SNAP by selecting Legal FS disqualified Yes/No

  5. enter the Section reference information, from the provided drop-down list if applicable

  6. if Other is selected for Section reference, enter the Other section reference

  7. click Save to save the record to the select list

  8. click Next to save your entries or changes and go to the next page in the workflow, or

  9. click Finish to save your entries or changes and to exit the page and the workflow


Changing INS Designation Data


Noncitizen Policy and Procedures


  Last Update: March 8, 2013