Entering Citizenship Data - Citizenship - SNAP


This page collects information regarding the citizenship/nationality information about any person in the household.  This page dictates the availability of the Noncitizen and INS designation pages.  If the clients are all U.S. Citizens, it will not be necessary to visit the noncitizen page.


The response to the Q & A Navigator question on citizenship dictates navigation to and over this page


Enter Citizenship Information

  1. access the Citizenship page in the assessed Person Non-Financials section of the workflow

  2. select a Member from the Member’s List


The US Citizen field on the select list defaults to Yes if Yes was answered in the nonfinancials Q and A Navigator that the client is a U.S. Citizen.


  1. if Race is American Indian or Alaska Native, for Country of birth, select a country from the provided dropdown list (Canada, Mexico or the United States of America)

  2. if applicable, if Race is American Indian, Alaska Native or 50% American Indian Blood, select Yes.  Otherwise, select No.

  3. click Next to save your entries or changes and go to the next page in the workflow, or

  4. click Finish to save your entries or changes and to exit the page and the workflow



  Last Update: December 18, 2012