Child Care for SNAP Path to Work Participants


Child care referrals are now an available support service for clients who are active participants in SNAP Path to Work employment and training activities. Child care referral access has been expanded to this population to support those parents on their career pathway and long-term economic mobility. SNAP Employment and Training specialists will be the lead staff in providing child care referrals for SNAP clients.


SNAP E&T Specialists may receive child care referral requests from:


When a client requests this type of child care, staff must email the SNAP E&T specialist who covers the TAO the client is assigned to with the client’s name and AP ID (see SNAP E&T Specialist TAO Assignments) and copy their own supervisor.

Clients who request this type of child care referral will have their activity status verified by a SNAP E&T specialist The child care referral will also be completed by the SNAP E&T specialist. DTA must provide the local Child Care Resource and Referral Agency (CCRR) contact information (See CCRR Contact list) to schedule an appointment and of the child care voucher process. Full Engagement Workers will provide additional support in working with the CCRR, when needed.



Service need must be verified SNAP Path to Work child care referrals by a SNAP E&T specialist. SNAP clients do not have an EDP.


Manually complete the Child Care Referral:

  1. fill in all sections of the referral

  2. under the Activity Information section, for Activity Type select Approved SNAP Path to Work Activity

  3. under Child Care Need select Full Time or Part Time based on what the parent requests

  4. email the referral and an income verification letter to the Child Care Resource and Referral Agency (CCRR) (See CCRR Contact list), and

  5. enter a detailed narrative and attach a copy of the child care referral

Child care vouchers for SNAP Path to Work participants will be issued by the CCRR for 12 months. SNAP Path to Work participants will not be required to pay a parent fee, even if they begin working during their DTA child care authorization. For a client that already has a voucher through another source, DTA must issue a SNAP Path to Work child care referral to ensure there is no parent fee. This will stop the current child care authorizations to provide a full 12 months of care.

At reauthorization, most clients will continue to be eligible and will transition to an Income Eligible Child Care voucher if they continue to meet Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) income guidelines and activity requirements, such as work, training or school.  


  Last Update: June 6, 2022