What is EAEDC?


Emergency Aid to the Elderly Disabled and Children (EAEDC) is a 100% state-funded program providing cash and medical assistance to certain categories of needy persons residing in Massachusetts. These categories are: Elderly, Disabled, Caring for a disabled person, caretaker family and participating in Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.


Individuals in the following categories are eligible:

Asset and Income Limits

Asset Limit

An individual applying for/receiving EAEDC cannot have countable assets worth more than $250. An EAEDC case of two or more individuals cannot have countable assets worth more than $500. Countable assets include:

Income Limit

Financial eligibility for EAEDC varies according to the Living Arrangements. The Living Arrangements are designated by the letters A through F.


For example, Living Arrangement A describes an EAEDC individual or EAEDC family who is responsible for a shelter cost, including but not limited to rent, mortgage, real estate taxes, insurance, fuel or utility expenses or room or board expenses from a licensed lodging house, and who:

(a) Lives alone; or

(b) Lives with others.


If the countable monthly income of the assistance unit is equal to or less than the appropriate standard of assistance, the unit is financially eligible.


  Last Update:  September 30, 2014