What is EAEDC?


Emergency Aid to the Elderly Disabled and Children (EAEDC) is a 100% state-funded program providing cash and medical assistance to certain categories of needy persons residing in Massachusetts. These categories are: Elderly, Disabled, Caring for a disabled person, caretaker family and participating in Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.


Individuals in the following categories are eligible:

Asset and Income Limits

Asset Limit

EAEDC rest home recipients are subject to an asset limit of $2000. For a list of countable assets see Rest Home Applicant and Recipient Asset Guidelines.

No other EAEDC recipients are subject to an asset limit and verification of assets must not be requested.


Income Limit

Financial eligibility for EAEDC varies according to the Living Arrangements. The Living Arrangements are designated by the letters A through F.


For example, Living Arrangement A describes an EAEDC individual or EAEDC family who is responsible for a shelter cost, including but not limited to rent, mortgage, real estate taxes, insurance, fuel or utility expenses or room or board expenses from a licensed lodging house, and who:

(a) Lives alone; or

(b) Lives with others.


If the countable monthly income of the assistance unit is equal to or less than the appropriate standard of assistance, the unit is financially eligible.


  Last Update:  November 23, 2022