Meeting the Work Program Requirements


A grantee has an hourly requirement for the work program.  The required hours per week are determined by the age of the youngest child in the assistance unit:



A child must attend school beginning in September of the calendar year in which s/he reaches the age of six.


A grantee meets the Work Program requirement by:



Clients who are participating in online job search for Employment Ready activities must register through JobQuest. See Job Quest for Employment Ready Clients.



When a grantee is meeting participation with a combination of activities, BEACON will wait until participation is entered from all listed activities before determining if the grantee has met or failed the work program requirement. BEACON will continue to sanction grantees with multiple activities for failure to meet work program participation if all necessary participation has not been received and/or entered once the required dates have passed.




If the grantee is paid for the child care, the grantee’s earnings are counted as earned income.


Grantees enrolled in an approved ESP activity, including an Associate Degree program, College Degree program or Advanced College Degree program, may use the activity to meet the Work Program requirement.



Work Program Requirements Policy and Procedures



  Last Update:  February 21, 2019