Types of Income - TAFDC


TAFDC clients may receive earned or unearned income, which may be countable or noncountable.  If countable, any income will be used for determining the eligibility and the grant amount.  See Noncountable income for examples of noncountable income.


Earned income is salaries, wages, tips, commissions and other types of income earned through employment.  See Employment Overview and related pages in the Employment book for information on how to treat earned income from employment.  Clients with earned income must report this income every six months.


Unearned income is income derived from securities (such as dividends and interest); government benefit programs (such as Social Security, unemployment compensation, workers compensation and all veteran’s benefits); interest from bank accounts, and certain other types of income not resulting from employment (such as child support). 

For a discussion of other Income types, deductions and disregards, see the following pages in the Employment book:


Income Policy and Procedures



  Last Update: October 21, 2016