Work Requirements Screening Page


For ABAWD Work Program (WP) requirement purposes, unfit for employment means that a person has a physical or mental illness or impairment that reduces his or her ability to financially support him/herself.  A person, who is exempted from the WP requirement because s/he is unfit for employment, need not prove a certified disability.  Unfitness may be temporary or permanent.

Chronic homelessness is recognized as a condition that warrants a determination of unfit for employment.   A chronically homeless person is one who does not have a stable temporary or permanent nighttime residence.  The definition of a stable nighttime residence is not having a guaranteed place to sleep from night to night.

The Department recognizes that homeless individuals, including those who do not meet the definition of chronically homeless, often have significant barriers to employment due to physical and mental health issues exacerbated by lack of medical care and inability to navigate the disability process.

The Work Requirements Screening page will be enabled and require re-edit when the homeless checkbox is checked on the Address page.

To complete this page, you will be prompted to ask the client 5 questions:

Based on the client’s responses to these questions, you must record a response of Yes, No, or Unanswered for each question.  Each question has a trigger response.  Providing the correct number of trigger responses will exempt a client from the ABAWD Work Program Requirement.

The ABAWD WP Required status reason (exemption) of Unfit for Employment – Based on Screening will be assigned to clients on the Work Requirements-FS page when

Effective with BEACON Build 48.3, deployed 4/4/16, question one will be set to No when a homeless client aged 18-49 has no current or permanent address or has a current address that has been matched to that of a homeless shelter.  You must update the answers to the question should the client’s situation change.

After recording the client’s answers to the questions:

1)click Calculate.  The question “Eligible for ABAWD Work Program Requirement exemption based on Screening?”  will be answered as either Yes or No

2)This information will transfer to the Work requirements-FS page.  This page will display a popup message to inform you that the client is eligible for the exemption and that the exemption reason will be updated when the case is wrapped.


To ensure that clients are not incorrectly subject to the ABAWD WP requirement and time limited benefits, a homeless client must be offered the opportunity to answer these screening questions during each application and recertification interview and when the address page is updated.  When speaking with a client who is a WP required ABAWD, you must always check to see if the screening has been conducted before terminating the interaction.



DTA operates a voluntary SNAP E&T program.  All SNAP-only participants must be offered the opportunity to volunteer to participate in the SNAP Path to Work Program.


ABAWD Work Program – Policy and Procedures



  Last Update:  April 1, 2016