Waived Areas


Certain clients are exempt from the ABAWD Work Rules because they reside in areas of the state that have unemployment rates of over 10 percent or lack a sufficient number of employment opportunities for residents.  These areas are known as “waived areas.”


List of Waived Areas

ABAWDs living in cities or towns on the List of Waived Areas are not subject to the ABAWD Work Rules during the listed Waiver Period.

If a waived area contains any townships or neighborhoods that have different names but are considered part of the area, then these areas are also waived.  For example, if Springfield is a waived area, Indian Orchard is a waived area because it’s considered part of Springfield.  The List of Waived Areas includes these townships and neighborhoods.




Simplified Reporting does not shield an ABAWD from the Work Rules.  See ABAWD Reporting Requirements.  



  Last Update:  January 23, 2020