Entering Shelter Expenses Data in BEACON


The Shelter Expense page is used to identify allowable housing expenses types for a household.



If there are no Shelter Expenses, check the No Shelter Expenses checkbox located on the Shelter Expenses page. If expenses are entered and saved, this box will become unchecked automatically.


Add a New Shelter Expense

  1. access the Shelter Expense page

  2. select a client from the Household Member list



Whenever you visit this page it is important to check the entries for each Household Member (by selecting other household members on the Household Member List) to determine if more than one shelter expense is being claimed and/or counted.



This is true especially when merging households, as shelter expenses for the household being merged will be transferred into the shelter expense page of the household it merges with. If multiple entries exist determine which entry(ies) is correct based on policy and Delete/End the wrong entry or make it not allowable for SNAP.


Example: Emily is a teen parent household, in the household of another, and pays a portion of the rent. Emily’s household is subsequently merged with a different household. In her new arrangement, Emily does not pay rent. The Shelter Expense record for Emily must be updated, ended, or deleted accordingly to reflect the new household situation. 



  1. for Type select an appropriate expense from the dropdown list

  2. for Amount, enter the dollar amount of the expense



You will need to add a decimal point when entering expenses that are not a whole dollar amount.


Example: If a weekly payment of $40.50 is made and is entered as 4050, BEACON will add a decimal point and make the amount $4050.00.


  1. for Frequency, select the appropriate frequency by which the expense is paid from the dropdown list


  1. for allowable FS, if the expense is allowable for SNAP select Yes, otherwise select No

  2. for Subsidized Housing, if the rent expense is for subsidized housing, select Yes, otherwise select No.



The Subsidized Housing field is required if the expense type is Rent.

  • if the household’s address type is Public Housing, the subsidized housing field defaults to Yes

  • if the household’s address is not Public Housing, the subsidized housing field defaults to No  



  1. after all entries for the shelter expense have been made to the page, click on the Calculate button to create the Monthly Amount and Allowable Amounts.



  1. to enter information for a new record immediately, click Save and then Clear. Go through steps 2-8. You can also click Clear before saving a record to empty all fields quickly.

  2. to save the record click Save

  3. click Next to save and go to the next page in the workflow, or click Finish to save and to exit the page and the workflow


The Verification on the Fly Icon allows you to verify any new or changed item on this page without leaving the page. Click on the icon to enable it (a blue check mark will appear).

The Case Notes icon can be used to make notes, concerning the page, actions taken or actions to be taken, for anyone visiting the page. The Case Notes can only be viewed on the Narrative tab.

The History icon displays a historical record of past EBC transactions and the date entered, from most recent action to the first application.  


Update a Shelter Expense Record

  1. select the record to be updated from the select list

  2. update any relevant data following step 2 – 11 of Add a New Shelter Expense


The Type field is disabled for an existing record. In circumstances where the Type field must be edited, the existing Shelter Expense record must first be ended or deleted and new Shelter Expense record begun.  


End or Delete a Shelter Expense Record

  1. To delete, select the record to be deleted from the select list and click Delete.


Only records that have not been saved or used in a calculation can be deleted. If the record has been saved or used in a calculation you must end the record.


  1. To end, select the record to be end dated from the select list and click End


When End is selected, a confirmation box displays. You can set a new end date by clicking the calendar icon and selecting a date or you may accept the default date.

If you wish to cancel out the end date procedure, click Cancel. To view an end dated record click the History icon.


  1. click Ok to confirm the end date

  2. click Save to save the end dated record to BEACON

  3. click Next to save and go to the next page in the workflow, or click Finish to save and to exit the page and the workflow



  Last Update: September 28, 2018