Entering Group Home Data


This page is used to identify Group Home information for a household.

To indicate a client is in a group home, you must:

  1. at the beginning of the Request for Assistance (RFA) page record the appropriate source agency in the source request field

  2. on the Address page indicate the address type as a Residential Facility

  3. complete the Residential Facility page (see below)

  4. enter Authorized Representative data on the Authorized Representative page

  5. enter the appropriate Standard Utility Allowance (SUA) in the Standard Utility Allowance Page


If there is no Residential Facility, check the No Residential Facility checkbox located on the Residential Facility page.


Entering a Group Home Resident on the Residential Facility Page

Use this page to collect detailed information about an individual residing in a Group Home or residential facility.



You cannot change the Facility name on an existing record. An exit date for the old residential facility must be entered first before selecting a new residential facility.


  1. access the Residential Facility page and in the Entry date field, enter when the current living arrangement began. You can select a date from the popup calendar

  2. select the appropriate Residential Facility by clicking the popup icon next to the Facility field, selecting the appropriate TAO from the TAO dropdown list and/or appropriate type of facility from the General Services dropdown list and click Search

  3. select the appropriate Resource record

  4. for Residential facility type, select the appropriate type of residential facility (in this case Group Home)

  5. for Actual number of meals per week, enter the number of meals that the facility provides to the client during the week (21)




  1. click Save

  2. click Next to save and go to the next page in the workflow, or click Finish to save and to exit the page and the workflow



Entering Authorized Representative Data in BEACON



  Last Update: September 28, 2018