Overview of Medical Expense Deduction


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Claiming medical expenses can substantially boost SNAP benefits for certain households. Elderly (aged 60+) and/or individuals with a verified disability are eligible for a medical deduction if their average out-of-pocket medical costs exceed $35.00 per month.



EDSAP households are subject to the same rules for medical expenses as non EDSAP households.


You must always explore the possibility of out-of-pocket medical expenses when interviewing a household with an elderly member and/or individual with a verified disability. Do not assume that clients with state paid Medicare Part-B or MassHealth do not have countable medical costs (see How to Discuss Medical Expenses with Clients).

BEACON will automatically credit a case with one of three options: no medical deduction, the standard medical deduction, or an actual medical deduction based on the entered and verified expenses.


Verified Medical Expense


Amount of Medical Expense Deduction

$35.00 a month or under


$35.01 to $190.00 per month


$190.01 a month or more

Excess over $35.00



Gathering verifications of medical expenses can be very difficult and time consuming for some clients. Not all households will benefit from claiming medical expenses. For cases with up to date income and shelter cost information, check to see if adding medical expenses will help to increase the household’s benefit amount. In situations where the client has significant medical expenses, you must compare the impact of the standard medical deduction against claiming actual medical expenses over $190.00 per month. It may not be necessary to verify costs over $190.00 if the household can be approved for maximum benefits with the application of the standard medical deduction.



General Guidelines

You must advise the client on the best course of action based upon his/her case circumstances. However, if a client chooses to claim a medical deduction (when it may not be necessary) or submits more verifications than needed, s/he should not be discouraged or prevented from doing so.



  Last Update: August 08, 2019