Entering SNAP Disability Information for NPA Cases


Answer Yes to the Disability question on the Non Financials Q & A Navigator and select the client claiming disability from the Member pop up box.


When the Disability page opens:

  1. The page will default to Yes if a Yes answer was given to the Disability question in the Q & A Navigator.

  2. Enter the disability determination source from the following dropdown list:

If the client is claiming a disability and there is no certification from one of the agencies, then the source will automatically be changed from Client Statement to Competent Medical Authority.  The federal certify flag will automatically be set to N, and the Medical Report tab on the Disability Determination page will require reedit.  You will need to enter a sent and return date for the medical report, an end date and a duration.

  1. For Federal Certify, select Yes or No (select Yes only if the household contains an elderly and disabled individual as defined by policy).  The following sources automatically default to Federal Certify = Y when exiting the Disability Page:


For SNAP, click the No radio button of the Other Party Responsible field.  A Yes response in the Other Party Responsible field will require the Accident and Incidents page to be completed.



Certain disabled noncitizens receiving EAEDC may be eligible for SNAP benefits.  See Disabled Noncitizen and Field Operations Memo 2008-28, Food Stamp Disability Verification for Elderly Noncitizens Receiving EAEDC.


Elderly or Disabled Clients: Policy and Procedures



  Last Update: December 22, 2011