The Application Interview


Applications are received in a variety of ways: walk-in, drop-off, mail-in, fax or web. You must offer every client the opportunity to have a telephone interview, unless the client is applying in person and could be interviewed in-person on the day of application, or, the client requests an in-person interview regardless of the method of application.

Any client, including a client who applies in person at the TAO may be eligible for expedited service. However, an expedited screening cannot occur until an application interview is conducted first. Entering answers to the expedited questions from a SNAP application without speaking to the client does not qualify as an expedited screening. To conduct a proper expedited screening, you must review the household’s income, assets and expenses with the client.

Each application for benefits includes a question that clients must answer about whether they have a disability that interferes with their ability to meet certain Department requirements. Clients will be screened for an Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodation at every application to address this issue. For procedures on accommodation requests, please see Recognizing an ADA Accommodation Request.


Cold Call Attempts

If you receive an action to process a SNAP application and the document meets the minimum processing requirements, you must cold call the client to try to conduct an interview and expedited screening.



Cold calls are a critical step that must be taken before an appointment is scheduled for a SNAP application.  You must perform cold calls if that is the action you have pulled.

If you are transferred to the Processing or Phone queue during the course of the day based on business need, you must perform the cold call if that is the action you have pulled.
If a perform cold call action is pulled for a client who has an appointment scheduled in the future, you must perform the cold call.


If the call is not answered, you must schedule an appointment to take place by day 7 whenever possible. This is to ensure the Department will be timely in the issuance of expedited benefits if the client is found to be eligible.



When a manual cold call is not answered, the SNAP application interview must be scheduled to take place 4 days from the appointment letter’s generation date.


Example: On 11/8, a FAW receives an action to process a SNAP application. The cold call is unsuccessful. The FAW generates an appointment letter that same day with a scheduled appointment date of 11/12. This appointment date is 4 days from the date of the missed manual cold call and is scheduled to occur before day 7.


The client will receive a reminder call 24 hours before his/her scheduled appointment.


Voicemail Messages
When you conduct a cold call to a client and the call is unsuccessful, you must leave the following voicemail message:
“Hello, this is DTA calling for <FIRST_NAM> <LAST_NAM >. We are trying to reach you to conduct your application interview and to see if you are eligible for expedited benefits. You can call us back at 1-877-382-2363, or we will call you again tomorrow. Please note that if you call us back, you will be required to wait on hold.”
You must also leave a narrative in the ECF summarizing the results of the cold call.
The day after the missed manual cold call, the DTA Assistance Line will start making three calls per day, spaced two minutes apart. These automated cold calls will only be made for pending SNAP applications with no interview conducted. This will occur each day until the date of the client’s scheduled interview. If the client picks up and an interview is conducted, the household will not receive any further calls.

When a cold call attempt is unsuccessful, the DTA Assistance Line will leave a voicemail each time the automated cold call is not picked up.
DTA Assistance Line automated voicemail messages:

Each day a single batch narrative will be left in the applicant’s case summarizing the results of the calls.


Expedited Screening

The application interview takes place before expedited screening or may occur on the same day. If you reach the client through a manual cold call, you must attempt an application interview. If the client is available for the application interview, you must also conduct an expedited screening. If the client states s/he is not available for the interview and screening at that time, you must schedule an interview appointment to occur as soon as possible.



As a rule, you must schedule the application interview to be conducted by telephone unless the client requests a face-to-face interview or the client does not have telephone service.



Effective September 4, 2018 you will be unable to complete the Immediate Needs questions until an interview is held and the Interview page is updated.


Entering the Appointment in BEACON for the SNAP Application Interview

  1. enter the client’s SSN in the SSN field of the Client Search page

  2. click the Schedule Appointment icon located on the task bar. The Client field will be prefilled with the client’s name.

  3. select the type of appointment you are scheduling from the drop-down box, either Application Telephone: SNAP or Application In-Office: SNAP.

  4. for Additional Free Form Narrative, you may enter any notes pertinent to the upcoming appointment

  5. in the Start field, enter or select the date of the appointment from the calendar pop-up icon

  6. for Start time, enter the start time for the appointment

  7. for End time, enter the time the appointment will end

  8. for Print location, select Local or Central; and

  9. click Save


The SNAP Application Appointment Letters are also available as manual forms for use in instances when BEACON cannot be accessed, or when the RFA cannot be completed for the client.


Notice of Missed Interview (NOMI)

Federal and state SNAP regulations require that a Notice of Missed Interview (NOMI) be sent to a client who does not appear for a scheduled interview.  It is considered a negative error or an invalid case action for Quality Control purposes if the NOMI is not sent and the household is subsequently denied.


The DTA Assistance Line will automatically place outbound calls to SNAP clients with scheduled telephonic interviews.  Clients who answer will be routed to the First Available Worker (FAW) to conduct the telephone interview.  If a client does not answer for the scheduled telephonic interview after two attempts, BEACON will update the Interview page with the status of Missed Interview, send a NOMI, and write a case narrative that evening.


The NOMI is also available as a manual notice for use when BEACON cannot be accessed, or when the RFA cannot be completed for the client. The NOMI is available on Policy Online/Online Forms/SNAP. 




SNAP Application Processing Policy and Procedures



  Last Update:  February 6, 2020