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The following are answers to some frequently asked questions you can reference when talking with your clients about MAP:


What is My Account Page (MAP)?

MAP is a web site where you can look at benefits you have applied for or currently receive through DTA (SNAP benefits and cash assistance benefits) and MassHealth (health assistance benefits).  MAP can be accessed at:


Who can look at MAP?

If you are the head of household who has applied for or who currently receives cash and/or SNAP benefits through DTA or MassHealth, you can access MAP.  The head of household is the person who signed the application for benefits.  If you are a client who is marked with a heightened level of security, you will not be able to access MAP.


How can I look at MAP?

You will need an active e-mail account.  You will then need to register through the Virtual Gateway.  If you need help registering go to and click on the Login Assistance option under Key Resources.  Once you have a Virtual Gateway user name and password, you will need to provide your Social Security Number (SSN), zip code and Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card number to look at your information.  To view MassHealth information, you will also need your MassHealth Member ID (card) Number.


If I don’t look at MAP, will my benefits be changed or closed?

No.  MAP does not impact your benefits.


When I type in my personal information to look at MAP, why do I get a message that says no results were found?

The personal information you entered – including name, SSN and EBT/MassHealth card number – must match the information kept by DTA and MassHealth.  Please make sure you are entering all the correct information.  If you are a client who is marked with a heightened level of security, you will not be able to access MAP.  If you still have problems, check with DTA or MassHealth to make sure your personal information is current and correct.


Why do I need to enter personal information to look at MAP?

To keep your information safe and secure, you are required to register with the Virtual Gateway and enter personal information to look at MAP. Make sure you do not share your Virtual Gateway password, SSN, EBT card number or MassHealth benefits card number with anyone.


MAP Policy and Procedures



  Last Update: April 9, 2011