Using Interpreter Services


Interpreter services must be provided to all clients whose primary language is not English.  This rule applies to all DTA staff, both field and Central Office, who have communication with clients.  To accurately communicate with a client when conducting DTA business all staff must follow these procedures.

Clients whose primary language is not English must be provided with the option of professional interpreter services by phone if a Human Services Assistant (HSA) is not available.  TAO staff should first seek out an HSA who speaks the client’s language to assist.  Only if an HSA is not available, should staff contact LanguageLine Solutions.

When a case manager receives inbound calls that may require translation either through the Assistance Line or via their direct extension, LanguageLine Solutions should be called, if no HSA is available.



When calling LanguageLine Solutions, you must use a phone that allows for three-way calling


While on the phone with the client:



  Last Update:  January 20, 2017