Responding to Clients Requesting Assistance Due to a Disability


When a client requests assistance due to a disability or indicates that s/he has physical or mental disability that limits him or her from meeting Department requirements or from utilizing Department services, you must do the following:



  1. If there is no Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodation approved or pending, log the accommodation request on the Accommodation/Special Assistance workflow following established procedures. See the Harper Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Act – ADA book in this guide ADA Accommodation Process Request

  2. Escalate to the next supervisory level, if required, to ensure an appropriate response

  3. Complete a Client Assistance Coordinator (CAC) referral, as needed.  Determine if a CAC is available before completing the referral.  Make sure you check the Copy to ECF Narrative check box on each page.  See ADA Accommodation Process:  Accommodation/Special Assistance CAC Referral Page



If the First Available Worker (FAW) gets an Action of an available verification for a client, s/he would open it. If it is a document that may have something to do with a disability/accommodation (verified through reviewing the case for a detailed narrative from the CAC or pending accommodation request), the FAW Dismisses the Action and emails the CAC for the TAO covering the client’s catchment area with a subject line of SECURE: Accommodation Verification and the text that reads: “Verification for client John Smith Agency ID 1234567 is available, appears to be relevant to pending ADA request.” The CAC would then be the one to disposition the verification, review if it is adequate, and/or follow up with the client as appropriate.



ADA Policy and Procedures



    Last Update: August 24, 2018